Ayurveda is a popular form of therapy conceptualized in Asian continent that offers remedies for medical illnesses as well as general practices to improve one’s quality of life. It is an art that is rooted in the laws of nature with a history dating back to many centuries ago.

While Ayurvedic practices are used to rest a range of physical and mental illnesses, its benefits can be reaped by anyone looking to live a more wholesome and balanced life. The massages and therapies offered through the discipline are all based on natural material and non-invasive measures.

At Suriya Rest we offer a spectrum of Ayurvedic treatments for those who want to relax and rejuvenate themselves while on holiday.

Body Work

This is a relaxing body therapeutic massage that combines practices in Ayurveda with lymphatic drainage, energy work, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy and music therapy.

60 Mins. – LKR 4,500
90 Mins. – LKR 6,300

Distress Treatment

This treatment is specially focussed on providing mental relief to people through cranial therapy induced by light torches. A fusion of music therapy and aroma therapy is also added to enhance the experience.

60 Mins. – LKR 4,900
90 Mins. – LKR 6,900


Consult a specialist and get a guide to live your life according to the principles of Ayurveda. You will be recommended with a holistic solution that includes daily rituals, wholesome food suggestions along with mindful eating practices, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises.

60 Mins. – LKR 5,500
90 Mins. – LKR 7,900


Be a part of a unique workshop where you get the opportunity to enrich yourself with knowledge on Ayurvedic foot therapy that would allow you to create your own guide map towards your self healing journey. The Ayurvedic foot therapy will be introduced you reflexology and Ayurveda Marma points. You will learn techniques to activate your energy system. The Workshop include tea, snacks, lunch and other material.

3 PM to 5.00 PM – LKR 6,500

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